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Delin is a well-known manufacturer of marine equipment with over 20 years of production experience. We employ nearly 800 talented people in our 35,000 square meter production facility. Delin places a heavy emphasis on quality management, technology, and advanced manufacturing equipment, which we consider our three most valuable assets.

Delin has an expansive catalogue of products that covers everything from our line of marine mechanical equipment, to marine fitting by the Hailian Marine Fittings Company.

We have a well-established client base that includes some of the leading shipbuilding companies in China. Delin products are also exported around the world to customers in the US, Singapore, Russia, Germany, Spain, Indonesia and others.

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Add.: 8 E. Xigang Road, Wuxi City, Jiangsu, China (around 180km from Shanghai)
Tel.: + 86-510-81013575
Fax: + 86-510- 83772065

International Business Agent .
Dai Jin Marine & Offshore Ptd Ltd.
Add.: # 02-07 German Centre, 25 International Business Park, Singapore 609,916
Tel.: +65 6513 0933
Fax: +65 6565 0885
Contact: Stanley Zhang, ZHOU Jian